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Advantages of Lifting a Truck or SUV


A lift with monster tires is one of the coolest modifications you can make to a truck, Jeep, or SUV. There is something about raising an off-road vehicle a few inches higher that simply cannot be matched in the looks department not to mention the cool factor of driving a miniature monster truck.

Most truck and SUV owners enjoy a slightly higher truck that can fit larger tires. As a result, the aftermarket off-road industry has developed a variety of suspension lifting kits that can fit just about any truck or SUV. Most suspension lifts will raise your truck or SUV 2” to 5” for a lift that looks cool and adds towing ability while not making it undrivable. There are some off-road enthusiasts that like to push the limits by installing extreme lift kits to really give your truck or SUV that wow factor. At Apex Customs, we can install any aftermarket lift kit you desire. From simply body lifts, to full suspension lifts, our skilled technicians will have your truck climbing rocks in now time.

There are many potential advantages to installing a suspension or body lift to your truck or SUV. Here are a few advantages to take into consideration:

Larger Tires

When you install a lift kit on a truck or SUV, it raises the body panels of your vehicle which allow you to install larger wheels and tires. Larger wheels and tires not only look really cool, they also raise the lower chassis of the vehicle providing improved ground clearance. With stock suspensions, trucks and SUV’s are required to run narrower and shorter tires that have non-aggressive tire grooves. When you lift your truck or SUV, not only can you add larger diameter tires, it also allows you to install wider tires with more aggressive tire groves than can handle rain, mud, and snow more effectively.

Improved Off Road Driving

There is no better way to improve the off-road capabilities of your truck or SUV than a suspension and/or body lift. Lifting your truck pays back in dividends when your facing deep ruts or large rocks out on the trail. The added ground clearance, increased suspension travel, and ability to add larger tires provides your truck with the capability to drive over and through deep ruts and puddles, large rocks, fallen debris, and through even the thickest of mud holes.

Additional Ground Clearance

The most obvious advantage of a truck or SUV suspension lift is the added ground clearance. When you raise the suspension of your vehicle, it allows you to put larger wheels and tires on the truck which in turn lifts the entire chassis giving you more ground clearance. In addition, the suspension lift will raise the body panels higher off the ground and provide more suspension travel distance.

By adding ground clearance to your truck or SUV, it allows you to travel over rough paths and roads that have potholes and road debris as well as snow and mud. For the off-road enthusiast, extra ground clearance is especially useful to be able to travel over rocks and trail debris.

Enhanced Towing Ability

Another often over looked advantage of an SUV or truck suspension lift is increased towing capacity. A lifted truck will provide a better weight advantage and safety margin over the vehicle you are towing. These towing capacity improvements are only a reference to a truck or SUV that is mildly lifted truck, we do not recommend trying to towing anything with an extreme suspension lift.

Improved Visibility

By lifting your SUV or truck, it will improve you driving visibility by increasing your viewing angle over the vehicles around you. When you are able to see above the cars and trucks around you, it improves the safety while driving allowing you to avoid dangerous situations and maneuver around them. Lifting your truck or SUV provides leverage over the smaller vehicles around you including large trucks like Semi’s and delivery trucks.

Easier and Safer Driving in Bad Weather Conditions

A suspension lift on your truck or SUV provides superior drivability during bad road conditions. Whether you’re facing heavy rain, flooding, or snow and ice, a lifted truck will plow through the rough conditions and get you home safely. Riding higher is helpful for impassable roads because the improved ground clearance and larger tires allow you to drive over deep puddles or snow drifts.