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Benefits of Clear Bra

Automotive Paint Protection

Paint Protection

The most obvious benefit of clear bra is the shield it affords your car’s paint from roadside debris. The transparent film works without altering the appearance of the original paint job. Common everyday hazards that would normally damage any unprotected vehicle will only mark the clear bra, leaving the car untouched. So you can breathe a little easier when that shopping cart comes flying at your car, or a distracted driver accidentally bumps your fender trying to parallel park.

Universally Applicable

Clear bra paint protection can be utilized on any car, truck or SUV and can be applied to the hood, bumper, fender, lights and mirrors, conforming to the shape of the area being covered. It can also be used effectively on boats, bicycles, motor homes and even outside furniture. In fact, paint protection film was first developed by the military to use on helicopters and armored vehicles to prevent damage from flying debris.

Low Maintenance

Paint protection film is maintained without much effort. Its water resistance ensures that it does not have to be removed, as some other paint protectors may have to be, before a car wash or during stormy weather. If you’re noticing dirt or bug buildup, it can also be cleaned with mild detergent and water.

Easily Removable

If your clear car bra sustains any damage, it can be removed without difficulty, leaving the paint underneath unscathed and saving your wallet from the high costs of paint touch-up or other body work. In the event you buy a new car, there’s no need to worry about spending the money to get fresh protection film installed. Your clear bra will conveniently move along with you to whichever vehicle you choose.
Automotive Paint Protection