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Benefits of GPS Tracker’s

Protecting Your Assets

Improved and Expedited Billing

GPS tracking will take the headache and hassle out of time tracking and service billing. No longer will your service staff forget to accurately log the hours they spend on a job. With GPS tracker’s you can pull up a detailed report of the exact start and stop times of any job completed. You can improve cash flow by automating service billing reducing the float time between job completion and employee’s turning in their time cards.

Reduced Theft Risk

With GPS tracking systems installed in your vehicle, the chances of recovering a stolen vehicle increase significantly. If one of your service vehicles is stolen, it’s not just the loss of the vehicle that does damage to your bottom line, the loss of specialty equipment and tools stored in the vehicle and the lost revenue from potential service jobs often times is more costly than the loss of the vehicle itself. With GPS tracking, the police can recover your missing vehicle before the thieves have a change to pawn off your equipment and get you back in business quickly so you can resume your regular service schedule.

Reduced Insurance Rates

Many insurance companies will offer discounts for vehicles that have GPS tracking systems installed. The added tracking capabilities GPS trackers offer in the case of a stolen and vandalized vehicle will mean the difference between a total loss and a recouped stolen vehicle. Insurance companies understand the savings to their bottom line if you are able to recover a stolen car. As a result, insurance companies will often pass a portion of these savings onto their customers as an incentive to install GPS tracking systems.

Reduced Maintenance Expenses

By adding vehicle monitoring and GPS tracking to your companies fleet, you can get real time alerts and maintenance reminders so you never have to worry about a missed oil change, or tire rotation again. By enhancing your vehicle management tracking capabilities, you will be able to reduce costly vehicle down time and damaged parts that missed required maintenance.

Improved Customer Service

By implementing GPS tracking systems for your business, your dispatchers and service managers will have a bird’s eye view on exactly where technicians are located, how long they have been at a location, and who is available to be dispatched to a new job assignment. By adding real time tracking and dispatching capabilities to your business, you can grow your revenue stream by taking advantage of those last minute customers, you can squeeze in that additional job that could mean the different in a profitable day.

Reduced Labor Costs

​GPS tracking will keep a watchful eye out for employee’s wasting costly time on the job. Not only can you track how long an employee spends at each job they are assigned to, GPS trackers also setup alerts to prevent employees from running personal errands on the job or driving your fleet vehicle outside of your service area. The comprehensive reporting offered by GPS tracking systems also allow you to conduct detailed analysis of your service routes to find efficiencies in your route, traffic patterns, and service scheduling times.

Enhanced Safety

​When your staff is aware their driving patterns are being recorded, they will be less likely to speed and drive aggressively. The enhanced driver accountability provided by GPS tracking systems will not only lead to safer trips with reduced risks of costly accidents, they will also reduce the change that your drivers make poor driving decisions in your branded vehicles that could harm your brand’s image to potential customers.

Reduced Fuel Costs

With GPS tracking your drivers will be more accountable to their driving habits and chosen navigation routes. When service staff members drive slower and make the effort to drive the shortest paths to their service call locations, your business will benefit in reduced fuel costs and wear and tear on your fleet vehicles.

Improved Job Performance

​Fleet GPS tracking systems will give your service technicians the confidence they need to navigate efficiently and safely to their scheduled destinations. When drivers know where they are going, they will feel more competent and prepared for their job assignments.
Protecting Your Assets