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Benefits of PlastiDip & Liquid Vinyl

  • Automotive PlastiDip and Liquid Vinyl offers protection from rock chips and abrasions.
  • Plasti Dip and Liquid Vinyl is easy to remove with low risk of damage to factory paintwork.
  • Liquid Vinyl and PlastiDip offer superior factory paint protection for your car or vehicle.
  • Liquid Vinyl and PlastiDip offer a unique style for your vehicle that stands out in a crowd.
  • With Plasti Dip and Sprayable Vinyl, original factory paintwork on your vehicle is preserved.
  • With PlastiDip and Liquid Vinyl, your car, truck or motorcycle’s residual value is maintained.
  • Liquid Vinyl and PlastiDip will not devalue the resale value of your car like traditional paint.
  • Plasti Dip and Liquid Vinyl is an affordable alternative to paint for capturing that unique look and styling on your car, motorcycle or truck that you’ve been dreaming of.
  • Warranties and lease agreements remain valid with Liquid Vinyl and PlastiDip, whereas re-painting can void warranties,
  • PlastiDip and Liquid Vinyl offer a wide variety of colors, including custom mixes, and can have a matte, semi-gloss or gloss look.
  • Expensive, color-matching paint fees are unnecessary for scratches or accident vehicles with Liquid Vinyl and Plasti Dip; just re-spray the section that needs repair.​
  • Paint alternatives like PlastiDip and Liquid Vinyl, offer an effective, cost-conscious way to hides dings or scratches while freshening the look of your car or truck.
  • Plasti Dip and Liquid Vinyl both look incredible when professionally installed, your car, truck, or motorcycle will be turning heads left and right