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Benefits of Powder Coating

Durable Automotive Coating

Powder Coating offers a wide range of benefits over traditional paint and alternative coating products. Many of the issues that are typically found with a traditional liquid coating process are minimized or eliminated by Powder Coating. Some of these benefits include:

Powder Coating Durability

Powder Coating is one of the most durable and reliable paint coatings you can use for any color change application you need. As one of the most economical, color durable, and longest lasting finishes, powder coating can be applied to virtually any type of metal. Powder coating is more resistant to fading, wear, scratches, and chipping than other paint finishes.

Powder Color Selection

The selection of colors for your powder coating application is virtually unlimited. Finishes include satin, gloss, flat, high gloss, clear, fluorescent, candy, metallic, hammer, glitter, wrinkle and more. Powder coating can be used on a variety of textures and produce a variety of textured finishes which is helpful when you need to hide imperfections. Colors from the powder coating process remain bright and vibrant longer than any other paint finish.

Environmental Benefits of Powder Coating

Unlike traditional paint which contain solvents that have known volatile organic compounds, powder coating does not contain solvents. Powder Coating releases negligible amounts, in any, VOC’s into the atmosphere and does not require costly pollution control equipment.

Powder Coating Cost Saving Benefits

There are a few factors that make Powder Coating a more economical solution for your paint and coating needs. The coat produced by the powder coating process is more durable and lasts significantly longer than traditional paint. As a result, the need to re-coat or provide additional layers of protection is unnecessary which results in long-term life savings.

Also, the reduction of VOC’s and waste saves significant money by helping companies comply with EPA regulations in a more economical manner. A significant reason why Powder Coating has seen such explosive growth in recent years is due to the implementation of more stringent air control legislation which has lead companies to look for more economical solutions to stay in compliance.

Mechanics of Powder Coating

The Powder Coating process produces a significantly stronger mechanical bond on the material it is applied to. A typical powder coating is twice as thick as a standard paint which provides superior bendability and flexibility of the product it’s applied to. This quality makes Powder a superior coating solution in automotive applications where parts are subject to a lot of vibration and twisting as they move down the road. Powder Coating provides a uniform coating over the product rather than a single layer of paint overlay on the product.

Powder Coat Process

When the powder coating process is complete, the coating produced is completely cured within 20 minutes. The allows for a significant reduction in project application times as parts can be reassembled and put back into production within a short time span unlike traditional pain which can take several days to completely cure. This is especially important when you are coating products such as brake calipers or car and truck wheels.