Modern Car Audio & Video Solutions For Your Ride

Tired of the low-quality sound coming out of those cheap factory speakers in your car, truck, or SUV? Apex Customs has you covered with our full-service car audio solutions. Whether you’re looking for a quick speaker upgrade or a full car stereo overhaul, our expert MECP certified technicians are here to design, build, and install any car audio project you have in mind.

At our Phoenix-based custom car stereo installation shop, we can swap out your factory stereo, perform a factory MP3 or smartphone integration, install an amplifier to boost your volume, add some subwoofers for some killer bass, or do a full custom car audio build.

Car Stereo Services
  • Factory Stereo Upgrades
  • Headunit Installation
  • MP3 and Smart Phone Integration
  • Speaker Installation
  • Subwoofer Installation
  • Amplifier Installation
  • Car Video and Entertainment Systems
  • Car Navigation Systems
  • Custom Car Audio Fabrication

The Apex Customs Difference

Unlike traditional car stereo shops, we specialize in building the system you want, not the system we want to sell you. At Apex Customs we are professional car customization experts and enthusiasts, not car stereo sales associates. Our aim is to build the system that fits your requirements and budget using the components you prefer.

We’ve all had the experience of dropping into the local big box electronics store or local car stereo corner store and been surrounded by sales reps who will say anything to make the sale despite their lack of understanding and knowledge about car stereo audio and video technology. While we do have relationships with car audio equipment suppliers, we will never push you to purchase components and features you don’t need or brands we don’t have 100% faith in. Our MECP certified staff understand the technology and will provide genuine information to your questions and concerns about your project.

Offering car stereo and audio installation services for Phoenix, Scottsdale, Mesa, Tempe, Glendale, Gilbert, Chandler and surrounding areas in Arizona. To learn more about our approach to automotive customization, check out our about us page.




Apex Customs Phoenix offers a wide variety of professional automotive car stereo and video customization services. From simple factory stereo smartphone integrations to complete custom subwoofer and amplifier builds, we’ve got you covered.

Factory Stereo Upgrades / Headunit Swaps

Does your car stereo lack the features and performance you require? The head unit is the heart of any car audio system. A stereo head unit swap is the best way to enhance your vehicle’s audio system. Today’s aftermarket car stereos provide an endless selection of features such as enhanced navigation, internet and satellite radio streaming, Bluetooth, WIFI, engine performance monitoring, and smartphone integration to name a few.

Whether you are looking to completely replace your stock car stereo or just want to implement some additional features and capabilities into your factory car stereo, Apex Customs has you covered. The expert car audio installers at our Phoenix AZ location can accommodate any requirement you have to build your ideal car audio solutions. Let us know what features you need, what aftermarket car audio brands you prefer, and what your budget is, and we’ll put together a package to fit your needs.

MP3 and Smart Phone Integration

Does your factory or old aftermarket stereo only allow you to listen to the radio or the ancient compact disks of the past? Don’t worry Apex Customs Phoenix has you covered. If you need to listen to your MP3 audio collection and stream music from your favorite music app, we can implement a solution that will fit your requirements and stay within your budget.

A few options to consider for your smartphone or MP3 integration are aux input cables, Bluetooth receivers, and USB integration cables. We have partnerships with a number of aftermarket suppliers that offer a wide range of factory and aftermarket stereo integration options. Give our Phoenix car audio experts a call and they will walk you through each of your options and provide a recommendation based on our years of car stereo experience.

Car Stereo Speakers & Subwoofers

Do your speakers lack the performance you need to enjoy music at the sound level and audio quality you desire? Do your speakers rattle or crack when you crank your favorite tune? Then it’s time to swap out those paper core OEM speakers for some performance drivers that will deliver the sound quality you expect while handling the volume you desire.

Speakers and subwoofers are available in a wide range of sizes, shapes, and features. If all you’re looking for is a simple upgrade of your factory speakers to provide a little more performance and reliability in your sound quality, we can replace your OEM speakers with direct replacements multi-stage speaker at an affordable price. If you’re looking for a premium system that incorporates multiple drivers to handle your high, mid, and low audio frequencies, we can build a system that will deliver.

From tweeters and mids to subwoofers and baffling, we can design a system for you at our Phoenix AZ car stereo shop that will deliver the best car audio sound the industry has to offer.

Car Stereo Amplifiers

Does your vehicle’s stereo system fall short in the volume department? Amplifiers are the juice for any car sound system that requires more power than the small circuits of a stereo head unit can provide. If you want to add a subwoofer to your car, upgrade your speakers to component drivers, or just provide more wattage to your existing speakers, adding a car audio amplifier to your build is a must.

At our Phoenix car audio shop, our technicians are specially trained and certified to install and configure any car amplifier system your project requires. Amplifiers require fused power cables be run to the car’s battery in addition to pre-amp input or speaker cables be connected to the stereo head unit. If not installed properly, an amplifier installation could severely damage your vehicle’s critical computer and electrical systems and potentially pose a fire hazard.

Our technicians specialize in these complex amplifier installations. They are experienced and trained to hide the power and signal cables in such a manner that retain a factory look and protect your vehicle from electrical shorts that could cause damage to your vehicle. Our car stereo sales staff will also help you to make the best decision when sizing your amplifier to ensure it’s going to deliver the results you expect.

Car Video and Entertainment

Adding video to your vehicles car stereo system is one of the coolest features in today’s modern car entertainment systems. Whether you’re looking to enhance your cars mobile entertainment system by adding additional video monitors, video sources, or want to add video functionality to your existing car stereo setup, Apex Customs can help you accomplish your goals. From headrest and overhead monitors to DVD players and mobile video integrations with your smartphone or mobile video device, there are a number of equipment options available on the market today to suit your needs.

Mobile video installations require audio, video, and power cables to be routed from the source head unit to the location of the video monitor. Headrest and overhead monitors require these cables be carefully routed behind OEM panels and trim pieces which require special tools and skills to do properly. The technicians at our Phoenix mobile video and entertainment shop have the experience, training, skills, and tools to install any vehicle entertainment component or system you’re in the market for.

Car Navigation Systems

Navigation systems have become an essential tool for our everyday lives. Unfortunately, factory navigation systems often leave a lot to be desired when it comes to ease of use, accuracy, and functionality. Luckily aftermarket car audio and video manufacturers have stepped up to provide a range of exceptional navigation solutions to get you where you need to go with little frustration.

Whether you’re looking to upgrade your existing navigational system, replace your factory navigational system, or integrate your smartphones built in navigational apps, Apex Customs can accommodate your requirements at our Phoenix AZ car stereo shop.

Custom Car Audio Fabrication

Are you looking for more than a simple factory stereo swap or speaker upgrade? Do you want a custom car audio solution that will set your ride apart from the rest or even win a few car audio competitions? At Apex Customs we can design, build, install, and tweak a custom solution that is going to make your vehicle truly unique. A custom car audio build will give your car an edge that will make any audiophile or car enthusiast respect your ride.

From subwoofer box builds and amp racks to integrated lighting and custom panel fabrication, our car audio installation experts can accomplish your goals. When making a large investment in car audio and video gear, it’s critical to ensure the installation is done right. You don’t want to risk that expensive car stereo gear with a shotty installation. At Apex Customs, our technicians will take the time and use the proper tools and techniques to ensure your custom build is done right and your audio investment is protected