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Car, Truck & SUV GPS Tracking

Monitor Your Workforce

A vehicle is stolen every 28-seconds in the US. Car, truck and SUV GPS trackers are an effective, affordable solution to help protect your vehicle from even the cleverest of thieves. The LMU-200 is the best in-class for reliability, performance, and accuracy without the monthly fees. A GPS tracker isn’t an expense, it’s an asset protection investment.

The LMU-200 vehicle GPS tracker made by Cal-Amp includes a 2-year GPS tracking service, starter-disable, tamper alert, backup battery, and tow alerts all backed by an industry leading 2-year warranty. With NO monthly fees and NO contacts the car GPS tracker runs on the most reliable cellular network by Verizon. It includes 10 Geo Fences to be able to place automatic alerts when your car leaves a certain area without your knowledge.


It’s every parents nightmare, the moment your teenager drives away on their own for the first time and the worry sets in. There is no better way to keep an eye on your teenagers driving than with a vehicle GPS tracking system. The teen GPS tracker will monitor your teen 24/7 with speed monitoring, GEO location tracking, and text alerts. You can choose between a plugin ODB GPS tracker and a hardwired system with tamper monitoring to keep your teen from disabling the system.

At only $249, the teen tracker will protect your teen with no additional month fee’s or contracts. You can also qualify for auto insurance discounts with a GPS tracker. You’ll get a comprehensive system that that offers detailed vehicle safety reports which show speed events over 80 MPH, miles driven, hard acceleration and braking reports. Each of the data points are then compiled to create a risk rating for your teenage loved one.