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Cast Vinyl Wrap

The Best Vinyl Wrap Available

Cast vinyl wrap is a process of making vinyl wrap that is similar to baking a cake. The vinyl wrap manufacturing during casting starts with a recipe of ingredients required to complete the process. The materials are combined and mixed in a giant bowl in a predetermined order and mixed at a specific speed for a specific time-period. The results in a consistent vinyl mixture which referred to an organosol. The organosol is then precisely cast onto a moving web material referred to as the casting sheet and sent through a series of ovens to evaporate the solvents in the mixture. As the solvents are evaporated, the resulting material is a solid film that is then wound up onto large-diameter rolls ready for adhesive. The type of casting web used determines the texture of the vinyl wrap film.

Once the vinyl film has completed the manufacturing process, the large sheets of vinyl are then rolled through a process to apply the adhesive which holds the vinyl wrap to the surface of the vehicle when applied. In the casting process, vinyl wrap is cast onto the sheet in a relaxed state which results in good dimensional stability. The casting process also allows the film to be thin which helps with the materials conformability properties that are important when wrapping vinyl over contoured surfaces. Cast vinyl wrap is the best material for use on cars, trucks, SUVs, recreation vehicles and boats where the goal is to have a finished product that has a paint-like surface.

Advantages of Cast Vinyl Wrap Film
  • Cast vinyl wrap films have the best durability due to the raw materials used and manufacturing process employed in making the film.
  • Cast vinyl films can be produced in very thin sheets which will help to produce a conformable product that makes application to surfaces with corrugations and complex curves possible.
  • Cast vinyl films typically maintain their color and UV properties better than other vinyl films.
  • The manufacturing process used when making cast films allows for small production runs of special colors.
  • Casting vinyl wrap results in low shrinkage because the casting sheet rather than the film itself is pulled through the machine. Because the film hasn’t experienced stress from pulling during the manufacturing process, the film does not try to shrink back to its original form when installed.
AttributeCast Vinyl WrapCalendered Vinyl WrapPolymeric Vinyl Wrap
Durability7+ Years1-5 Years3-7 Years
ConformabilityExcellentGoodVery Good
StabilityExcellentGoodVery Good
GlossVariableGoodVery Good
Color RangeManyManyMany
Product VarietyManyFairMany