#windowtinting PHOENIX, AZ

Differences in Window Tint Installations


Window tint films are offered in a wide range of types, colors, and prices on today’s market. That $99 special tint job offered at the local corner gas station is vastly different from a professionally installed 3M commercial grade film application. The adage “You Get What You Pay For!” couldn’t be truer when it comes to car window tinting. Not only to cheap films not offer the superior UV and sun protection that a professional grade film will, but cheap tint will fade, discolor, bubble and tear in no time flat after you shell out the cash and drive off the lot.

Not All Window Tint is the Same!


In addition to a wide variety of film qualities on the market, there are also different installation methods. Cheap shops leave a small gap or micro-edge at the top of the roll down windows to speed up the install process. At Apex Customs Phoenix, we take the tint all the way to the edge of the glass when the window is rolled down. The latter method looks way better, especially when you roll your windows down. In addition to looking better, the clean edge reduces the risk of bubbling when rolling your windows up and down.

Not All Window Tint Installations Are The Same!


Even more important than the window edge is the rear window. Cheap shops will install a rear window tint using several pieces to speed up the process as well as to make up for their lack of installation skills. At Apex we install the install as one solid piece. Solid piece rear window tint installations not only look better due to their lack of creases, but they are also more durable making your investment last longer.