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Features of Liquid Vinyl

Halo Efx Features

Durability and Protection

Halo EFX is tried and trusted for its durability and versatility. At Apex Customs Phoenix, our shop started by offering PlastiDip as one of our primary offerings. We quickly learned that when it comes to automotive applications that are subject to harsh environments, debris, and vibrations, that Plasti Dip just didn’t stand up to its reputation in the automotive world. As a result, we sought out the experts in the industry to find an alternative product that offered the same flexibility and versatility as Plasti-Dip, but offered enhanced durability as well as color and finish options. Halo EFX was the answer. It is impervious to salts, moisture, acids, and bases and looks incredible when installed properly.

Unique Look in Color and Clear

Halo EFX offers a finish that is smooth to the touch and has a look similar to vinyl wrap. Available in a wide variety of primary colors and pigments, it also offers a clear coat option to provide that glossy OEM look to your vehicles liquid wrapped parts. There are a variety of pearls, pigments and flakes which provide a near limitless number of custom colors to match your vehicles custom project.


What Are Pearls?

The biggest advancement in PlastiDip and Liquid Wrap technology was the release of pearls. Pearls are essentially tiny flakes or pigments which appear as a fine powder. Pearls allow you to tint and color a gallon of removable rubber coating giving it a unique, stylish look.

There is a variety of pearl styles or categories such as ghost pears, candy pears, and chameleon pearls. Each of these styles behave differently. Candy pearls allow you to get a vibrant solid color whereas chameleon pearls, which are also referred to as color changing pearls, will give you an iridescent effect in your final product. Chameleon colors will change colors depending on the lighting and angle you look at them.

Ghost pearls are intended to be sprayed over a white car to provide a subtle splash of color which gives the vehicle a “ghosting” effect. Ghost pearls are a white powder that is applied to a clear PlastDip or Liquid Vinyl Wrap.