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GPS Tracking Q&A


What is GPS Geofence?

Geofence’s are GPS defined boundaries which allow you to configure notification alerts when the vehicle crosses the boundary. Geofences are a great feature for any GPS tracking application. For fleet tracking, you can define your service boundaries. For teen tracking you can define a custom boundaries that your child must stay within. For GPS theft prevention, you can define boundaries which will alert you the moment your car leaves an area outside your neighborhood.

What is the difference between passive and real time GPS tracking systems?

Real time Car GPS tracking systems track and report vehicle location information in real time. The benefit of real time tracking is allows you to view direction, location, and speed of the vehicle as it is currently in motion. Most real-time trackers also offer features like door lock controls, geofences, starter disable and remote ignition. In contrast, passive car, truck, and SUV trackers store tracking information that can be retrieved at a later time once the vehicle has returned to its home or office.

Is it possible to install the GPS unit so people don’t know the vehicle is being tracked?

Absolutely! GPS vehicle trackers can be professionally installed discretely and safely so they are tamper proof and hidden to prevent any unwanted interference with your tracker. The most powerful feature of a vehicle tracking system is the ability to track key vehicle location and driving information without the driver or thief being aware.

What happens if the vehicle being tracked travels outside the geo-fence when I’m not near a computer?

With the GPS Geo Tracking systems offered at Apex Customs Phoenix, you will have the ability to receive alerts on your cell phone. Whether you set up a geo-fence or want to know when the vehicle is speeding, you can setup text alerts directly to your cell phone.

What are the business benefits of a GPS tracking system?

The ability to track your machinery, vehicles, assets, and fleet, will provide your business with critical information to reduce costs, manage your service staff effectively, manage your fleet maintenance, and improve customer service. You’ll have a huge advantage over your competition and gather a wealth of useful data to improve efficiencies throughout your business.

Some of the most common business benefits are:

  • Lower vehicle mileage and reduced fuel expenses
  • Improved fleet management with detailed stop and speed information
  • Enhanced staff efficiencies
  • Improved customer dispute resolution
  • Improved sales and service for your customers

What’s the difference between the cheap GPS tracking systems I can buy on eBay and install myself?

Not all GPS tracking systems are created equal. The cheap GPS trackers you can buy on eBay are made from cheap components that were manufactured from cheap parts and poor unreliable firmware. Cheap GPS tracking systems are not only unreliable, they could damage your vehicles electrical system and even pose security risks.

Are there any limitations to GPS tracking systems?

No GPS system is 100% reliable no matter how much you spend on your system. There is no guarantee that the system will track GPS location all of the time as they rely on the ability to communicate with satellites in space. Common issues with GPS systems happen when the vehicle is in an underground parking garage, surrounded by large buildings, or in an underpass.

Another common issue encountered with GPS systems is drifting or bouncing. This happens when a GPS location fix appears to bounce around the map even though it’s in one location. GPS drifting commonly occurs in insulated areas such as garages or carparks that can impact GPS tracking.