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Lighting Color Temperatures


Choosing a color temperature for your lighting from the vast array of options available can be a challenging task. In general, if you’re looking for the white light you see on most modern luxury vehicles then a color temperature in the 5000K to 6000k is your best choice. The 5k to 6k range resembles sunlight the closest and is easiest for the human eye to see. You’re going to get the best visibility from this color range.

What is Color Temperature?

Color temperature is the color designation for each hue in the light spectrum in relation to how it’s perceived by the human eye. Kelvin is the unit of measure used for color temperature. A Kelvin is a unit of absolute temperature which is converted to Lumens which equates to the brightness emitted by the light. The higher the color temperature, the less helpful the light is at cutting through darkness leading to lower visibility which is contrary to the popular belief that higher temperatures mean more brightness.

Yellow3000KPure yellow light emission commonly found in halogens
OEM White4300KYellowish-white emission similar to dim white light
Pure White5000KPure white light emission. Simulates natural light
Crystal White6000KPure White light emission with a bit of blue
Light Blue8000KA bluish-white light emission with more blue percentage
Blue10,000KDark Blue light bordering on violet
Violet12,000KDark Violet