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Aftermarket lighting upgrades are one the quickest and most cost-effective way to give your ride a custom appearance that everyone will notice while simultaneously improving driving visibility.

One of our specialties is LED lighting. LED’s are revolutionizing the automotive industry. They offer a superior style and appearance, run cooler, outperform, and outlast the bland lighting provided in car, truck, and SUV OEM packages.

We also offer lighting packages that will give your car or truck a show quality appearance. From Plug and play HID kits, LED headlamps and color strips, to complete custom lighting tailored to your vehicle’s specifications, Apex’s expert installers will design a package for you that no other shop can offer.

Every vehicle is different and options are limitless, contact us now to discuss the lighting you envision for your car, truck, motorcycle, or van and our team of lighting professionals will help design that custom lighting project you’ve been dreaming about. To learn more about our approach to automotive customization, check out our about us page.

Lighting Services
  • HID Headlights
  • LED Headlights
  • LED Bulb Swaps
  • Halo Headlights
  • LED Light Bars
  • LED Tailights
  • LED Light Strips
  • Wheel Lighting
  • Underglow Lighting
  • Puddle Lights
  • Strobe Kits


Apex Lighting Services


HID Headlights

HID Headlights are High-Intensity discharge bulbs that use an electrical gas-discharge to produce a high-intensity light. The light produced by HID bulbs is created by an arc discharge between two closely spaced electrodes. The discharge created is hermetically sealed inside of a small quartz glass capsule. HID lights require an electrical ballast to regulate the voltage supplied to the gas. The amount of light produced is significantly greater than a standard halogen headlight while still consuming less power.

HID headlights are common on modern vehicles, especially luxury vehicles. They produce a light that more closely resembles natural daylight. The light produced is more of a white light than the traditional yellow light that incandescent bulbs of the past produced.

At Apex Customs Phoenix we specialize in the installation, replacement, and maintenance of high-performance HID lighting. We can upgrade your car, truck, or van to HID lighting, swap out bad ballasts or bulbs, and recommend the best HID application for your vehicle.

LED Headlights

LED Headlights are the latest innovation in the automotive lighting world. They are significantly brighter than traditional halogen and incandescent lighting that was used on cars and trucks for years and put off the same amount of light as a 35 watt HID headlight kit. LED headlamps consume less power and turn on instantaneously unlike their halogen and HID counterparts. Another benefit of LED headlights is they do not require the large ballasts that HID kits require. They are available in a number of color temperatures like HID headlights and provide solid longevity and reliability.

At Apex Customs we have developed one of the most reliable direct swap LED headlight brands in the market. Axium lighting offers unparalleled lighting output and reliability to provide you with an automotive LED solution you can trust. To learn more about this innovative solution, check out our Axium Lighting page .

There are a variety of options of LED headlight upgrade and swaps. At Apex Customs Phoenix we can upgrade your headlights to LED, swap out old LED headlights, and provide a number of custom options for your headlighting needs.

LED Bulb Replacements / Swaps

LED bulbs have become a popular lighting feature on modern vehicles due to their low energy consumption, longevity, lower heat dissipation, and color temperature options. LED lighting can now be used for every bulb used in an automotive application. Turn signals, running lights, overhead lights, reverse lights, map lights, you name it.

LED’s are a great way to upgrade your car, truck, or motorcycle. They offer a genuine return on investment with their low cost and quick installation that results in a noticeable difference. At Apex Customs Phoenix we can swap our your old interior and exterior bulbs in a variety of colors and sizes. We can transform your ride from a yellow dud to a white palace in a matter of minutes.

Halo Angel Eye Headlights

Halo kits are one of the single more head-turning upgrades you can make to your vehicle. With a small investment, you add a custom lighting look to your car or truck that will give it a show car look. Halo headlights, also commonly referred to as Angel Eye headlights are a white or colored luminous ring of light that goes around the edge of your headlamp bulb. They create an aggressive, distinctive look that will turn heads and provide an unmatched custom look.

Apex Customs Phoenix offers a wide variety of Halo Headlight options. We are an authorized dealer of Oracle lighting kits which offer the best Angel Eye lighting kits on the market. We can either swap your entire headlight housing for a pre-built custom headlight that comes with Halo Rings pre-installed, or we can open your factory housing and add a set of halos to retain the factory look.

LED Light Bars

LED light bars are all the rage in today’s aftermarket and off-road communities. LED light bars offer a power light that can be used as fog lights, off-road daytime running lights, work lights, ATV lights, tractor lights, or industrial and marine lighting. When driving off-road, there is nothing that cuts through the night like a powerful LED light bar. Light bars combine a number of super bright LEDs into a single housing to provide a powerful wall of daytime quality light to cut through even the darkest of nights.

Common uses of LED light bars are to place them on the bumpers or roof of an off-road vehicle. At Apex Customs Phoenix, our expert installers can securely mount your light bar with minimal damage to your vehicle and route the wiring so it is hidden and safe from the elements. We can hook your light bars to an aftermarket switch, or integrate them into factory switches.

LED Tail Lights

LEDs are the perfect solution for automotive braking applications. They light up more quickly than traditional incandescent bulbs and provide a brighter, more noticeable light improving the safety of your car or truck. They also offer a distinctive, modern look to improve the look of your ride while reducing the energy consumption and power strain on your vehicles electrical system.

Apex Customs Phoenix offers a variety of LED tail light customization options. The most common LED upgrade is to swap out your factory lights to a prebuilt aftermarket LED Tail Lamp to provide a custom unique look. In some cases, we can modify factory tail light housings to utilize LEDs rather than traditional bulbs.

LED Light Strips

LED strips are another easy way to add a custom look to your vehicle. LED strips are flexible circuits that are populated by surface mounted LEDs and other components. LED strips are available in a variety of colors and sizes and typically come with an adhesive backing from the manufacturer. They can be cut to various lengths and connected to lighting controllers to add cool synchronization features like music, timer, remote, and switch activation.

At Apex Customs Phoneix we offer a number of LED strip sizes, colors, and installation options. Our certified installers can customize any lighting application you are looking for. We specialize in discrete installations that retain a factory look. We will hide the wiring and install the strips so they are hidden from view while ensuring the electrical connections are done professionally. We can even integrate the lighting to turn on with your factory switches and remotes.

Wheel Lighting

LED wheel lighting is a relatively new trend that has taken the aftermarket lighting world by storm. Wheel lighting is accomplished through the use of an aluminum wheel ring mounted with colored LEDs designed to fit around the brake rotors of your car, truck, or SUV. The TRON inspired wheel ring’s illuminate the barrel of the rim to provide a head-turning custom look that will provide sophistication and flair.

At Apex Customs Phoenix our certified installers are able to install wheel lighting that will hold up to the elements while looking fantastic. Wheel lighting installations require electrical wiring to be run next to mechanical components that undergo extreme stress, it’s critical that your installation is done professionally to ensure your investment is protected. Our installers will run wiring in such a way to ensure it’s protected from the wheel, braking, and suspension components as well as the harsh elements the underside of your vehicle is exposed to.

Puddle Lights

Puddle lights offer a unique customization to your car, truck, or SUV that is both functional and unique. Puddle lights are designed to help prevent drivers and passengers from stepping into puddles when they are getting out of the vehicle. Puddle lights can be installed in a variety of locations, the two most common of which are underneath the side mirrors, at the bottom side of the doors, or the undercarriage of the vehicle. LED’s are a perfect application for puddle lights due to their compact nature and bright lighting features.

The coolest new trend for puddle lights are lights that display a custom logo, word, or picture. The most common of these lights display the logo of your vehicle. Logo LED puddle lights are a customization that will truly set your car, truck, or SUV apart from the rest.

At Apex Customs Phoenix our installers can hook your ride up with any puddle light application you’re looking for. Whether you’re looking for several puddle lights on the undercarriage of your vehicle or a single led at the bottom of your side mirror, we’ve got you covered. We will ensure the wiring is hidden, the lights are installed with minimal damage to your vehicle, and your lights are protected from the elements.

Strobe Kits

Stobe LED kits are commonly used for industrial and emergency vehicle applications. LED strobe kits create a continuous or variable strobe effect on a series of LED bulbs. Strobe kits can be programmed to produce a wide variety of patterns and effects and come in a range of colors. Most strobe kits are illegal for use on regular streets and are only for use in offroad or show applications.

If you’re looking for a lighting strobe kit, our highly qualified technicians at Apex Customs Phoneix have you covered. We can install strobe kits in just about any location on your vehicle whether it’s discreet or purposely noticeable. We can integrate your strobe kits into your vehicle electrical system or provide additional batteries to allow the system to run independently. We will also ensure the wiring is protected from the elements and hidden from view.

Underglow Lights

Underglow lighting, also referred to as ground effects lighting, is one of the most unique lighting upgrades you can add to your ride. LED underbody kits attach to the chassis of your car, truck, or SUV to illuminate the ground underneath the vehicle. Popular in car shows, under glow lighting adds an unmistakable aesthetic appeal to your ride that will catch the attention of every passerby.

When ground effects lighting first hit the automotive industry, the most common kits came as large lighting tubes filled with neon gas. Although neon gas only produces red colors, manufacturers utilized a mixture of other various to produce up to 150 color combinations. The problem with neon tubes is they consist of compressed gas which makes them prone to breakage over speed bumps. Thankfully there is a new underglow lighting solution that is capable of standing up to the harsh elements a car, truck, SUV or motorcycle encounters on the road.

LED ground effects lighting is the hottest new trend in underglow lighting. LEDs are not only available is a wide range of colors, they are flexible and durable enough to withstand the hazards of a vehicle’s chassis and underbody. At our Phoenix automotive LED lighting shop, our expert technicians can install any under glow lighting kit you are looking for.

Custom Lighting Packages

For the true lighting enthusiasts looking for a combination of lighting upgrades, Apex Customs Phoenix offers packages that allow you to do all your upgrades at once at a reduced rate. If you’re looking to upgrade your headlights, add some Halo’s, and swap out your interior lights for LED’s we’ve everything you need. Our sales staff can help put together a package of LED’s that will take your car from boring to thrilling in one afternoon.