PlastiDip & Liquid Vinyl

The Hottest New Paint Product In the Automotive Industry!

Among the many professional services offered at Apex Customs at our shop in Phoenix Arizona, our expert installers specialize in cutting edge paint alternatives. Our professional line of products are non-committal alternatives to tradition car paint, which greatly enhance the look and value of your vehicle while protecting what’s underneath. Included in this professional line of products is the hottest new products on the market, Halo Efx. Halo Efx is a liquid vinyl product that offers superior durability and performance to any other paint alternative product on the market.

In addition to Halo Efx, we also offer PlastDip services for wheels and automotive parts. What happens when you have the itch to customize your car or give it a better finish than it currently has, but don’t have the ability, tools, time or cash for a traditional complete re-spray paint job? Enter Halo Efx and PlastiDip the automotive enthusiasts latest and most innovative, yet reversible, way to completely customize and change the color of your car without damaging the paint.

Liquid Wrap Services​
  • Wheel Dipping
  • Emblem Dipping
  • Grille Dipping
  • Trim Dipping
  • Parts Dipping​

We offer professional installation services for Halo Efx Liquid Vinyl and PlastiDip in Phoenix, Scottsdale, Mesa, Tempe, Glendale, Gilbert, Chandler and surrounding areas in Arizona.

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Plasti Dip & Liquid Wrap Services


Liquid wrap, also referred to as Liquid Vinyl Wrap or by its brand name Halo EFX, is a reversible polymer coating which has a smooth shell-like finish that is durable and easily removable. Halo EFX provides similar capabilities to Vinyl Wrap and its competitor PlastiDip in that it allows you to completely change the color of your vehicle or parts on your vehicle, while also protecting the paint underneath.

Plastidip Wheels

Looking for an easy, affordable color change for your wheels? Plasti dip and Liquid Vinyl are a great solution for an affordable color change that will also provide a layer of protection for your wheels from the elements. Available in a wide variety of colors, plastidip and liquid vinyl HaloEfx offer a removable coating to your wheels that will protect your investment from the elements, brake dust, and road debris to help prevent scratches, dents, and dings.

At our Phoenix plastidip shop, we have the right equipment and expertise to complete your plasti dip project on time and on budget. Liquid vinyl and plastidip can be challenging to get right. Our technicians will ensure your plasti dipped wheels look as if they were sprayed from the factory. Don’t settle for a rattle can job in your backyard that will end with bubbles, drips, high/low spots, and rough edges. We have the commercial grade spray equipment that will help your investment not only look fantastic, but will last longer than a month before chipping and peeling.

Emblem Dipping

Plastidip is great solution if you want to change the color of your factory emblems. Plasti dipping emblems is quick, affordable, and removable making is the best option for emblem black outs or paint color matching. Thanks to the advancements in plasti dip technology over the recent years, plastidip even offers clear coating and glossifers than can make your make your liquid vinyl look exactly like paint.

At Apex Customs Phoenix, we offer a wide variety of solutions to customize your car and truck emblems. If you’re on the fence about plasti dipping your emblem, we also offer vinyl wrap or if you have a metal emblem we could even powder coat it for a durable finish.

Plastidipped Grilles

Looking to get rid of that chrome grille that is ruining your custom ride? Plastdip and HaloEfx are a perfect option for a grille color change. Most grilles today are made about of ABS plastic which makes it impossible to powder coat. In addition, grilles often have intricate patterns that also make them nearly impossible to vinyl wrap. Plast dip on the other hand is perfect application, it is affordable, easy to use, and best of all removable.

At our Phoenix liquid vinyl shop, our skilled technicians will spray your grille in a professional paint booth using professional grade liquid vinyl spray equipment. Unlike our competition who sprays plasti dip out of rattle cans in a parking lot, our certified technicians will give your plastidip project a professional, lasting application.

Plasti Dipped Automotive Trim

Does that chrome trim on your ride need to go? Plastidip and liquid vinyl are affordable, durable, and removable which make them the perfect solution for changing the color of your car, truck, Jeep, or van trim. Automotive trim, which is often made out of ABS plastic, can’t be powder coated which typically offers the most durable solution. Traditional paint requires that the factory finish be sanded down in order to create a lasting bond on the plastic. Plastidip on the other hand, can simply be sprayed on and peeled off when you’re ready to change colors.

At Apex Customs Phoenix, we are automotive experts. Unlike our competition who just sprays plastidip while the part is still on the car, our skilled technicians have the expertise and tools to professionally remove the parts, spray them in an environmentally controlled paint booth with professional liquid vinyl spray equipment, and reinstall the part so it looks like it came from the factory.

Plasti Dipped Car & Truck Parts

Do you have any parts on your car, truck, suv, or motorcycle that aren’t metal but still need a color change? Typically we recommend any automotive part that is exposed to the elements, road debris, dirt and dust, to be powder coated. However plastic and rubber parts can’t be powder coated because they can’t withstand the heat required to bake the powder, nor will they hold the electrical charge required for the powder application. Plastidip is a good solution for changing the color of automotive rubber and plastic parts. It’s removable, affordable, and durable.

At our Phoenix plastidip shop, we can plastidip or liquid wrap any automotive part you bring our way. We have the tools, equipment, and expertise to ensure that your part looks fantastic and lasts longer than a rattle can job.