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Powder Coating Considerations


There are a few considerations and potential downsides of using powder coating. At Apex Customs, we want our customers to make informed decisions and choose the service that is the best application for their project. Before choosing Powder Coating for your project, please keep the following potential downsides of Powder:

Metallic Paint Matching

Metallic paint is commonly used in OEM automotive paint colors. If you are trying to color match your part or wheels with color of your vehicle, powder may produce a color that does not match your expectations for color match. In these applications, you may want to consider using traditional paint for a more exact match.

No Rubber or Plastic

If you have a rubber or plastic product that needs coating, powder coating is not your solution. The Powder Coating process requires all parts to be baked in an oven to complete the adhesion. Any plastic or rubber pieces will be melted and deformed during the bake process.

No Touch-Up

Unlike paint, scratches, dings, and chips cannot be touched up with a simple process. In order to fix or remove scratches and blemishes, a powder coated part must be sandblasted down to its base metal and re-powder coated.