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The Apex Car Stereo Process


Step 1: Establish Your Budget & Plan

The first step in upgrading your car stereo is to establish your budget and game plan for your car audio and video needs. At our Phoenix car audio shop, out team can work with any budget. There is a wide range of options for aftermarket car audio and video, just keep in mind that high quality, crisp audio comes with a premium price. Our MECP certified techs can help you decide exactly what will be required for the result you desire and recommend a variety of options based on your budget and expectations.

When considering an aftermarket car audio stereo project, make sure you understand all the components required to complete your ideal build.

Components to Consider:

  1. Headunit
  2. Speakers/Tweeters
  3. Subwoofers
  4. Amplifiers
  5. Adapters/Harness/Wiring
  6. Converters
  7. Custom Boxes
  8. Remotes/Etc.

If you need some help figuring out speaker or amplifier wattage you need, check out our car audio calculators page.

Choose your ideal build and our car audio professionals will build your dream stereo system!

Step 2: Let Us Build!

Once you have finalized your project requirements, our team will order all of the required components from our supplier. As soon as the parts arrive, we will schedule the install and get to work!

A typical basic car stereo upgrade with a stereo head unit swap or speaker upgrade requires between 3-6 hours. A more complicated build and install requiring intricate integrations, amplifiers, and subwoofer builds could potentially take up to a week.

Project time relies on a number of factors. The car audio builds at our Phoenix AZ shop take time because we do things right. If a speaker does not fit into the stock housing, we will customize the housing to make it fit 100%. When running wires and modifying interior panels, we take our time to ensure it is done professionally and complies with industry and MECP standards. At Apex Customs, we go the extra mile to make sure wires are tucked, and the build looks as OEM as possible unless we’re told otherwise by the customer. In most of our car audio stereo builds, we take the approach of integrating aftermarket parts that retain the stock OEM look. If however, you are looking for a fully customized or exotic build, our car audio staff will create the design you desire.

The entire staff and management team at Apex Customs takes considerable pride in every install they undertake. We work hard to ensure all components are tested and are working to their best potential before releasing the vehicle back to you. If we think a part is faulty or just is not the right component for your build, we will let you know and make adjustments. Our goal is 100% satisfaction with every car audio build.

Please keep in mind that we are only as good as the products we are adding to your vehicle, so let us make some recommendations to you so that you know your build will last!