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Vehicle Graphics Q&A


What’s the best vehicle color as a base for a vinyl advertising wrap?

Although we can wrap any color vehicle, a black base works best for a vehicle graphics wrap. If you do have a vehicle other than black, we recommend choosing colors in your graphic design that will compliment that base color of your car, truck, or van.

Will I be able to see through the vinyl graphics on my windows?

Any time we wrap windows on a car, truck, or van, we always recommend using perforated window film. Window Perf vinyl is vinyl with tiny holes which allow you to see through it. When looking out the window from inside the vehicle, you will get the same visibility you would get from regular window tint. From outside the vehicle graphics are visible and will look as they would on normal vinyl wrap. For safety, we never install vinyl graphic wrap on front windows or windshields.

What’s the proper way to care for vehicle graphics wraps?

Caring for vinyl graphics is straight forward. Keep your vinyl wrap free of ice, salt, mud, and dirt as much as possible. These environmental debris can cause the vinyl laminate to peel or bubble in some cases. When it comes time to wash, use a mild detergent or vinyl graphic approved cleaner. Vinyl wrapped vehicles should be hand washed, you should always avoid automatic car washes.

How long do vehicle vinyl graphics last?

A professionally installed and well cared for vinyl graphic can last up to seven years. If you properly care for your graphic wrap by washing it regularly with vinyl safe products and don’t over expose it to the elements, the color and detail on your vinyl graphic investment will provide you years of advertising exposure.

What’s the difference between screen printed and digital graphics?

Unlike traditional screen printed graphics, digital graphics have the capability to replicate any type of picture and textural look. Digital graphics can even produce high-resolution photographs which are the perfect solution when you want to create wraps that feature real photos and effects. Screen printing on the other hand, while cost-effective, has lower durability and color saturation. As a general rule, digital printing is the best solution when you want detailed, color rich, wraps.

Do vehicle graphics wraps offer a good return on investment?

Vinyl graphics have one of the best return on investments of any dollar you spend on advertising. Vinyl graphics come at a reasonable cost and provide a high number of potential customer impressions. Every mile you drive, you’ll pick up new customers! Vinyl graphics are also easily removable so any time you change your logo, services, or contact information, all you need to do is remove the vinyl and reinstall new a new graphic.

Vinyl graphic advertising can generate between 30,000 and 70,000 impressions per day per vehicle. Unlike Google ads, TV, or radio, vinyl graphics wrap is a one-time investment that will continue to pay for itself for many years. 3M conducted a study that found you would have to spend over $130,000 on TV advertising to generate the same number of impression that you get from a single $3,500 vehicle wrap.

Do vinyl graphics damage factory paint?

No. When you use quality vinyl graphic materials, the vinyl can easily be removed without any damage to your factory paint. In fact, when properly installed, vinyl graphics will actually protect your paint helping to retain your vehicle’s resale value. Vinyl graphics are the perfect solution for any graphics, decal, or sticker application you wish to apply to your vehicle.

Is a vehicle vinyl graphics permanent?

A complete vinyl graphics wrap will typically last for 5-7 years depending on the material used and conditions in which the car is driven and stored. At the end of the vinyl graphics life, the film can easily be removed completely without leaving any adhesive residue, returning the car to its original color and condition.

Are wrinkles, bubbles & seems acceptable for vinyl graphics?

Badly installed vinyl wraps will have wrinkles, bubbles, and seams. At Apex Customs Phoenix, our installers have the experience, training, and expertise to ensure your graphics wrap is installed without wrinkles and bubbles and any seams required are hidden. With large graphics installations that include complex curves may make it difficult to eliminate all seams however, our installers will take every precaution to finish your graphics job with as little as possible.

Can I take my truck wrap through the car wash?

Most vehicle graphics wraps can be taken through car washes just like any painted vehicle. However, like with many paint jobs, vehicle graphics can also be damaged by car washes. Take care around the exposed edges and seams of a wrap and ask your Apex Installer what they recommend to increase the life of your particular wrap.

How long does it take to graphics wrap my vehicle?

Installation times vary according to the complexity of the project. A basic graphics wrap installation takes about 1-2 days. The design process can take several days depending on the complexity of your design and how quickly you respond to our designers iterations and questions. Due to the nature of the adhesive vinyl and the complex curves to which it’s applied, we build in an extra 24 hours after the application to allow for the film to fully adhere to the vehicle.

Do you cut on my car’s paint when installing a vehicel graphic?

At Apex Customs we know how important your vehicle fleet is to the operation of your business, and we wouldn’t do anything to put that at risk. Our certified professional installers employ a special technique called “BLADEAWAY” to protect your paint. We also use a product called Knifeless Tape which allows our installers to make precise edges on the painted surface without the use of a blade. The combination of these techniques will allow for the most intricate trimming with no harm to your car, truck, van, or SUV.

Why is a full graphics wrap more beneficial than a partial vehicle wrap?

Full vehicle wraps cover most or all of the paint on a vehicle while partial wraps cover only part of the vehicle. Even though full wraps are more expensive, they protect all of the original paint underneath instead of just part of the paint. This is critical when the wrap is removed since fading and scratches can result on the unprotected paint of a partial wrap. As a result, full wraps tend to protect or even increase the resale value of vehicles more than partial wraps.