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Vinyl Wrap Myths


There are a lot of rumors and myths floating around about vinyl wrap so we figured we would set the record straight. While we can’t address every falsehood floating around the interwebs, we at least want to address the most frequent we hear from our clients.

Myth 1: Vinyl Wrap Will Damage Your Paint

False. In reality, vinyl wrap helps protect your paint from the elements and road debris. Vinyl acts as a protective cover from the sun, ice, salt, dirt, and anything else your car comes into contact with on a daily basis. When quality vinyl wrap is used for your installation and uninstalled properly, your paint will look as good as the day you applied the wrap.

Myth 2: Vinyl Wrapping is too Expensive

False. Vinyl wrap gets a bad wrap when compared to color change options like PlastiDip in the cost department, however, vehicle wrapping is a bargain when compared to traditional paint. Vinyl wrap is a far superior product to PlastiDip and worth every extra penny. A custom paint job will set you back in the $10,000 range if you’re lucky. Vinyl wrap, on the other hand, is more in the $2,500 range and will help retain the residual value of your car by protecting the factory paint.

Myth 3: Vinyl Wrap Does Not Last

False. When properly cared for a vinyl wrap can last up to seven years. PlastiDip, by comparison, has a max life of 2 years. Wraps are very similar to paint, if you take care of them, they will last. Most people that get a vinyl wrap want to change the color after a few years anyways, and the beauty of wrap is a color swap is as simple as pulling and laying a new color.

The lifespan of a vinyl wrap is depended on how it’s used, the quality of vinyl material you use, and the location of where the car lives most of the time. If you live in the Phoenix sun and don’t have a garage to hide your ride from the solar rays, your vehicle wrap won’t last seven years. The same goes for paint which is a big reason why we get a lot of quote requests for hood and roof wraps at our Phoenix Arizona shop. However, if you have a garage, live in a cooler climate, and keep your wrap clean and maintained, then your vehicle wrap will last its full life span.

Another factor to keep in mind is the finish you choose for your vinyl wrap. A matte vinyl wrap is not going to last as long as a gloss vinyl which has a protective clear coat on the top layer of the vinyl material.

Myth 4: Vinyl Wrap is Difficult to Remove

False. When quality vinyl wrap material like 3M or Avery Dennison are used, and your vinyl is installed properly, vehicle wraps are very easy to remove without damage to your factory paint. While we always recommend vehicle wraps get removed by a trained professional, you can remove the vinyl yourself.