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Vinyl Wrap Q&A


3M Vinyl Care Tips

Is a vehicle vinyl wrap permanent?

A complete vinyl wrap can typically last for 5-7 years depending on the material used and conditions in which the car is driven and stored. The vinyl film can be removed completely without leaving any adhesive residue, returning the car to its original color and condition.

How long will my vinyl wrap last?

That depends on the application. If you park in a garage and your car isn’t exposed to sunlight on a regular basis, the wrap could be good indefinitely however, typical vehicle wraps are good for 5-7 years.

The most common ways to improve the life of a wrap include protection from the sun, protection from water getting underneath the wrap and protection from abrasion. It is important to think about how your wrap may be exposed and, to discuss how to protect your wrap with your Apex Installer.

Are wrinkles, bubbles & seems acceptable for vinyl wraps?

Badly installed vinyl wraps will have wrinkles, bubbles, and seams. At Apex Customs Phoenix, our installers have the experience, training, and expertise to ensure your vehicle wrap is installed without wrinkles and bubbles and any seams required are hidden. With large vinyl wrap installations that include complex curves may make it difficult to eliminate all seams, however, our installers will take every precaution to finish your graphics job with as little as possible.

Can I take my vinyl wrapped car through a car wash?

Most vehicle wraps can be taken through car washes just like any painted vehicle. However, like with many paint jobs, vehicle wraps can also be damaged by car washes. Take care around the exposed edges and seams of a wrap and ask your Apex Customs installer what they recommend to increase the life of your particular wrap.

Will a vinyl wrap damage my paint?

No. When you use quality vinyl wrap materials, the vinyl can easily be removed without any damage to your factory paint. In fact, when properly installed, vinyl wrap will actually protect your paint helping to retain your vehicle’s resale value. Vehicle wraps are the perfect solution for any graphics, decal, or sticker application you wish to apply to your vehicle.

How long does it take to vinyl wrap my vehicle?

Installation times vary according to the complexity of the project. A basic wrap job takes about 1-2 days. Due to the nature of the adhesive vinyl and the complex curves to which it’s applied, we build in an extra 24 hours after the application to allow for the film to fully adhere to the vehicle.

Do you cut on my car’s paint when installing the vinyl?

At Apex Customs we know you love your car, and we wouldn’t do anything to hurt it. Our certified professional installers employ a special technique called “BLADEAWAY” to protect your paint. We also use a product called Knifeless Tape which allows our installers to make precise edges on the painted surface without the use of a blade. The combination of these techniques allows for the most intricate trimming with no harm to your car.

Why is a full wrap car vinyl wrap more beneficial than a partial vinyl wrap?

Full wraps cover most or all of the paint on a vehicle while partial wraps cover only part of the vehicle. Even though full wraps are more expensive, they protect all of the original paint underneath instead of just part of the paint. This is critical when the wrap is removed since fading and scratches can result on the unprotected paint of a partial wrap. As a result, full wraps tend to protect or even increase the resale value of vehicles more than partial wraps.

What colors can I choose for my car’s vinyl wrap?

Vinyl Wrap can come in almost any conceivable color, finish or texture. Check out the 3M selection of colors and finishes here .

What is a vehicle vinyl wrap?

A vehicle vinyl wrap is a process of applying pressure-sensitive vinyl in numerous colors and finishes is applied by hand onto a vehicle’s painted surface. Wrapping is the newest and most innovative thing to hit the car customizing world in years. Vinyl wraps can also be installed on cars, trucks, SUV’s, bikes, boats, wave-runners, trailers, walls, floors, furniture, laptops or just about any surface.

How much does a car vinyl wrap cost?

As with almost all custom work, it is hard to say exactly how much your vinyl wrapping project will cost. It will depend on the size of your vehicle, the vinyl material you choose, the complexity of the job, and more. Please give us a call or submit a quote request and tell us about your project so we can put a quote together for you.

How do I know that I am comparing “apples-to-apples” when looking for a vehicle vinyl wrap?

Here are some important points that can guide you to making an informed decision:

  • Always ask how long the wrap will last and about the warranty coverage
  • Make sure you understand what parts of the vehicle are going to be wrapped. Not wrapping certain difficult parts of a vehicle such as rear-view mirrors or door handles may reduce the cost of the wrap. It is also critical to use a design that can incorporate un-wrapped parts of the vehicle for optimal appearance. It is not always necessary to wrap the roof of a vehicle and this can reduce your cost. For example, if a delivery van or motor home roof cannot be seen from the ground, then this part of the wrap could be eliminated. However, racing vehicles or vehicles that drive in big cities and are seen from above, it’s beneficial to wrap the roof.
  • Ask about the vinyl that will be used. There are different qualities and price points of vinyl. Typically “high performance” vinyl materials are recommended for high-quality vehicle wraps. There are also special vinyl materials designed just for walls and floors.
  • Make sure you understand the total cost associated with the wrap. There are frequently additional costs associated with vehicle prep and cleaning as well as design. Ask your wrap provider for an all-inclusive price.
  • The design is the single most critical step in the success of your wrap. Some designers are more experienced and worth the extra cost associated with their services.
  • Be sure to ask what special techniques will be used to prevent paint, clear-coat, and plastic part damage. These techniques may increase the cost of the wrap.
  • Be sure to ask what techniques will be used to prevent wrinkles, bubbles, and seams. A wrap with zero wrinkles, bubbles and seams is typically more expensive than a normal wrap or may not be possible.
  • 3M Graphics and Avery Dennison certified wrap providers are typically superior to other wrap providers because they have gone through scrutiny in order to obtain certification and must maintain their credentials in order to remain 3M certified.