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What are Halo Projector Headlights?


Projector headlights, also known as Halo, Corona Rings, and Angel Eye headlights are a popular lighting customization in the aftermarket automotive industry. Project headlights are luminous rings inside of the headlamp assembly around the central headlight on a car or truck. Halo headlights were first introduced by BMW in 2000 and have become a very popular customization feature used by automotive enthusiasts to enhance the front end of a car or truck’s appearance.

Beyond the cool factor, Halo headlamps have a functional quality which provides a stronger headlight beam over conventional crystal headlights. A projector headlight provides a more focused light beam providing a stronger light to see down a dark road. Angel Eye headlights have become standard on most luxury equipped European vehicles and are available today in a wide variety of colors, options, styles, and technologies. Corona rings will give your car or truck an aggressive look while also improving the light output of your headlights.

Projector Headlight History

When headlight technology was first introduced, the headlamp utilized acetylene lamps with a reflecting mirror to project the light forward. Over the years through technology advancements, headlights have evolved into a high-tech automotive part providing an array of customization options while creating high-impact illumination.

Headlight assemblies which became popular in the 1980’s were designed to encompass all of the front-end lighting components of a vehicle into a single unit. Their bulky construction, made out of parabolic reflectors, prevented intricate designs from being used by automotive designers. This lead to headlight assemblies on cars and trucks that were less than appealing. The projector bulbs that were developed in the early 2000s allowed auto manufacturers to design innovative headlamps and assemblies including the now common halo ring. The introduction of Halo headlights created a revolutionary look which gave new vehicles a designer look and stance to the vehicles front end.

The first halo headlights introduced by BMW were called Corona Rings. Over the years, lighting technology has improved drastically allowing halo headlamps to be utilized as daytime running lights (DRL) as well as evening city lights. Early halo headlights used halogen bulbs paired with a fiber optic system to transmit the light throughout the ring channel. This technology was replaced by BMW by energy-saving LEDs to power the corona ring channel. BMW now integrates their halo rings into their bi-xenon headlights which is a signature design element which has server to distinguish BMW cars and SUV’s on the road. Today the Chevrolet Camaro and Impala both come standard from the manufacturer with halo-ring headlights equipped.