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What is a Vehicle GPS Tracking System?


GPS vehicle tracking systems combine modern software with GPS tracking hardware to track a vehicle’s location and record it to a historical map with pinpoint accuracy. Commonly used in fleet vehicles, GPS tracking systems have become an affordable solution for small businesses and even concerned parents. Modern GPS tracking systems commonly use GLONASS and GPS technology originally developed by NASA for locating a vehicle accurately at any given time. The information tracked by GPS vehicle tracking systems can be viewed on electronics maps via cloud-based web applications, smartphone apps, or specialized software.

How do Automotive GPS Tracking Systems Work?

GPS car, truck, and SUV trackers combine advanced mapping and reporting software with GPS technology to provide you will all the historical location information you need. GPS trackers are installed in your vehicle quickly through the vehicle’s OBDII system to track speed and transmit GPS details via satellite or cellular networks.

GPS Trackers Will:

  • Track your vehicles history every second and record the historical data on a scheduled interval.
  • Transmit the tracked historical data to a central web tracking software via satellite and celluar networks.
  • Record the historical location and vehicle data in a centralized database for reporting and mapping.