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What is Liquid Wrap?


Liquid wrap, also referred to as Liquid Vinyl Wrap or by its brand name Halo EFX, is a reversible polymer coating which has a smooth shell-like finish that is durable and easily removable. Halo EFX provides similar capabilities to Vinyl Wrap and its competitor PlastiDip in that it allows you to completely change the color of your vehicle or parts on your vehicle, while also protecting the paint underneath.

Liquid Vinyl’s reversible polymer coating is vinyl-like, reversible, and extremely durable. It was developed by Halo EFX to provide automotive enthusiasts a way to improve and enhance a vvehicle’sOEM factory parts including wheels / rims, emblems, badges, brake calipers, and even clear-coated body panels. Similar to Plasti Dip, Liquid Wrap can be used to do a complete vehicle color change although we have stopped offering that service at our Phoenix AZ liquid wrap shop due to Vinyl Wrap’s superiority for complete color changes. We do however still highly recommend Halo EFX for a wide variety of applications.

When properly installed, liquid vinyl will provide a distinct look and feel while providing lasting protection to your automotive parts. Halo EFX is available in a wide variety of colors and finishes. When liquid wrap primary colors are combined with a wide variety of pearls, pigments, flakes, and clear coats, you have an almost limitless range of choices for your liquid wrap application.

Halo EFX is incredibly versatile allowing it to be sprayed onto your car, truck, or SUV’s parts and panels through a variety of HVLP painting systems. At Apex Customs Phoenix, we have the best commercial grade paint spraying equipment available to provide your project with showroom quality results.

Despite the fact Polymer film technology has been around for a very long time, many in the industry consider the reversible polymer film technology to still be in its infancy. The original formula continues to be perfected providing daily improvements to the capabilities of liquid vinyl wrap. As the product continues to grow in popularity, innovation in the liquid wrap industry is expected to deliver head-turning enhancements to a product that already delivers gorgeous results.