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What is Paint Protection Film?


Paint Protection Film (PPF), also commonly referred to under the brand name Clear Bra, is applied to the painted surfaces of a vehicle to protect the paint from minor abrasions, stone chips, and bug splatters. Manufactured out of a thermoplastic urethane film, paint protection film has a variety of additional applications beyond cars, trucks, and SUVS such as motorcycles, electronics, cell phones, RVS, and airplanes.

Clear Bra is OEM approved by virtually every car manufacturer. Installed on different components of cars and trucks from the factory, paint protection film is typically installed by certified professionals due to the challenging nature of the installation. The primary function of Clear Bra is to protect a vehicle from the elements and potential damage from road debris such as rock chips, paint scuffs and scratches and even vandalism.

The most common installation of paint protection film is the front bumpers, hood, and side mirrors of cars, trucks, and SUV’s. If you’re looking for total paint protection, Clear Bra can be installed on the entire vehicle for maximum protection.

Modern Automotive Paint Protection Film

Modern automotive paint protection film has been specially formulated to be perfectly clear and highly conformable to the surface of the vehicle. Available in a variety of colors and thicknesses (measured in mils), there are a number or manufacturers of paint protection film with varying levels of quality and protection capabilities. The primary manufacturers in the US are Xpel, Hexis, STEK, 3M, CCL, and Suntek. At Apex Customs, we only work with the best paint protection film on the market, 3M, Suntek and Xpel.

While there are no certification or training requirements to purchase paint protection film, the installation can be quite complex and requires a bit of a steep learning curve. It takes over three years and thousands of installations for an installer to be considered an expert. Because the installations require a high level of expertise, it is recommended that paint protection film be installed at a certified installation shop to avoid potential damage to your vehicle and wasted product.

Installation Methods

The preferred method of professional paint protection film installation is through the use of commercial plotting equipment which precisely plots film for installation on the vehicle’s body. A plotter relies on specially developed software to design and cut bulk rolls of film to exact specifications of the car, truck, or SUV which allows for accurate installation that results in a factory appearance, so people are unable to tell that film has been applied to the vehicle.

A secondary installation method for paint protection film is to use a pre-cut kit where the film comes pre-cut to your vehicle’s specifications. One of the downsides of a pre-cut kit is any damage to the film during installation, or if the film comes improperly cut by the clear bra manufacturer, it requires that you order another entire kit. With plotting equipment, you can not only instantly cut out a new piece of film, but you can also customize the film patterns to account for any aftermarket modifications that were made to the vehicle.