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Window Tint Selection


When choosing a window tinting film, the most important decision to make is the level of tint darkness you want installed. Window tint is measured by the amount of light or VLT that the window tinting film allows into your vehicle. The level you choose depends on the style you’re looking for on your vehicle as well as the amount of light you want to come through the windows. There are trade-offs for each choice, the lighter you go, the more light is allowed into your car, truck, or SUV and the easier it easy to see at night. Darker window tints tend to be more stylish however, they also limit your visibility at night which can make it difficult to drive and impact the safety of your vehicle.

  • Factory Tint: The VLT of factory window tint is typically 75 to 85% depending on where the car was originally sold. Factory tint is dyed glass rather than a film applied to the inside of the window.
  • Film Tint: Film window tint is available with a VLT as high as 90% or as low as 2.5%. 5% window tint is considered “Limo Tint” as it is the darkness of tint you will find on the rear windows of limousines. Film window tinting is typically applied by a certified installer by cutting large rolls of window tint film to perfectly fit your vehicle’s windows. It is applied by spraying a soapy water onto the cars windows which allows for the film to be repositioned until it is perfectly in place. Once the film is positioned properly, an installer uses a special squeegee to remove the water from the back of the tint allowing the adhesive to dry for a permanent installation.

How Many Windows to I Have?

The cost of a window tint installation in Phoenix depends on two factors, the quality of window tint film you choose and the number of windows your car, truck, or SUV has. While it may seem like an obvious answer, many people overlook side or split windows. While a split window may seem like a single window, you have to consider that anytime there is trim or split between windows, our installers have to cut, place, trim, and finish a new piece of window tint film. Here are a few photos that can service as a guide for understanding how many windows you really have: